My Job Market Paper, titled “Impacts of youth migration on the livelihood of households left behind: Evidence from Tanzania”, determines the change in livelihoods of households experiencing the out-migration of an adult child. The study is motivated by the interest in understanding the strategies utilized by parents and siblings of the migrant to adjust to potential shortages in labor supply. The following strategies are considered: increase in individual labor supply and attraction of new household member, for example through marriage, the return of household members who migrated previously, or reunion with members of the extended family. The study also examines whether households respond to labor shortages by adjusting their farm sizes through land sales and rental markets.

My dissertation is titled “Three essays on the causes and consequences of youth migration in Tanzania”.

The first essay, titled “Factors associated with young adults’ migration destination decisions: Evidence from Tanzania” (co-authored with Ayala Wineman [link] and Thomas S. Jayne [link]), aims to broaden the conceptualization and empirical measurement of migration from a binary decision (to move or not to move) to a multifaceted one. We look at migration of youth from rural areas of Tanzania and differentiate between internal migration to other rural areas, peri-urban areas, secondary towns, and cities. We conclude that migration to these various destination areas is driven by different individual and household characteristics. The analysis is conducted with different definitions of “rural”.

The second essay, titled “Shifts in main occupation by destination of youth migrating internally in Tanzania” (co-authored with Ayala Wineman [link] and Thomas S. Jayne [link]), looks at how the livelihood of young people changes with migration. In particular, it looks at the main occupation of migrants at the origin and destination differentiated by type (rural and peri-urban areas, secondary towns, and cities). Extended transition tables help to understand how the livelihood outcomes of youth are affected by the decision to migrate compared to youth staying at rural origin. Additional analysis helps to explain what factors are associated with occupation transition and show how migration affects the ability to shift main occupation.

The third essay is my Job Market Paper (see above).

Presenting “Factors associated with young adults’ migration destination decisions: Evidence from Tanzania” at the Graduate Research Symposium, AFRE MSU, East Lansing, March 2018. Photo by Samantha Ward [link]